Photography by Yuzu Fukunaga


My Mission

My mission is to spread the message of Heart Consciousness and Oneness through the teachings and practice of Yoga. Not just the Yoga asana, but Yoga as a practice of AWARENESS and experiencing that we are all ONE.

I aspire to inspire to look at Yoga as a practice of self-inquiry and self-awakening, as a practice of conscious choices that we can make... day after day, breath after breath. It is ONLY when we change our SELF, we can change this WORLD

Working with Anna is like dancing with the Divine
— Grace G. Payge, Author/ Public Speaker/ Corporate Muse

Anna was born in Ukraine in 1968. Her Ukrainian mother is an absolute food magician, who loves books and animals. Her Russian father was a military man, having new assignments every year, so Anna’s traveling around started at a very early age.

Anna was always an unusual child, an “old soul” as she has been called. She chose a special contract here on Earth and finally embraced it -  to find the strength to deal with WHAT IS and stay in AWE of LIFE. Dealing gracefully with numerous obstacles and health challenges has been a big part of her journey. Anna has lived with the auto-immune condition since 14, she could not speak properly until late 20s. She had to do a tremendous work on herself to overcome the effects of the physical abuse until the age of 15. Her unique journey, filled with personal and health struggles led her to find the courage and tap into the Higher meaning of life. She is passionate about inspiring others to find their own power and faith.

Anna’s passion for truth and beauty, consciousness and Harmony led her to have a Master Degree in Russian Literature and language, to study psychology, hypnotherapy, Reiki, nutrition and philosophy, including her beloved yoga.  Having to fight for her right to feel well, she chose to stay away from medication, trusting she would find her way to health naturally (or die naturally:-)) Since then she has embarked upon a unique journey of self-healing, self-discovery and liberation. Anna likes to joke, “If it had not been for Yoga, Love, and Raw chocolate, I would not even bother landing on this planet.”

Anna lived in nine countries so far. Everywhere she goes, Anna is inspiring others to believe in themselves, to re-program their choice-making mechanism (as Anna calls it), and find their own way to Harmony and Truth. Now Anna lives in Bangkok and travels around the world with her transformational YOGA of CHANGE workshops and talks that are always fun and highly vibrational events.

She is about to publish her first book "Chocolate Revolution" where she shares her passion for Conscious Eating as a part of Conscious Living.

Anna believes in the power of NATURE, in the power of HARMONY of a human being with everything that IS. Choosing to tap into that power, we all can live in HARMONY, experiencing connectedness to the Higher Truth. Raw Cacao, being her favorite super food acts as an advocate of Conscious Eating in "Chocolate Revolution".   

In this book Anna shares her best recipes and most incredible food discoveries that she made during her own unique healing journey. From time to time, Anna creates Raw Chocolate Workshops where she shows how to create the naughtiest looking 'treats' that remain medicinal and clean foods.


Living Yoga for over 15 years

  • 1 Year Yoga Foundation Course at Yoga Academy  of Pune (India)  
  • 2 week Hypnotherapy Course in Manchester (UK)
  • Reiki 1,2,3 and Master in Koh Samui (Thailand)
  • 6 Year Master of Russian Literature and Language (MA) at State University of Kaliningrad (Russia)
  • 2 Year Cognitive Psychology , London (UK)
  • 6 Week Nutrition Course, London (UK)
  • 2 Months Teacher Training Course at Yoga Academy of Pune (India)  
  • 6 months training at Iyengar Yoga Center , Florence (Italy) 
  • 12 Week Anusara Yoga Teacher Training (Module 1 & 2) at “OmYoga”, Cornwall (UK)  
  • 1 Week Sun Yoga Course in Kathmandu (Nepal)
  • 1 Week Sun Yoga Teacher Training Course, Bali (Indonesia)
  • 8 Week Secret teachings of Yoga, Kathmandu (Nepal)


Work Experience

  • 32 Years providing assistance on Transformation (Nutritional and Spiritual guidance)
  • 23 Years assisting and teaching people Conscious Choices (Consulting/Counseling)
  • 15 Years working as a yoga/meditation teacher at Spa's, Retreats, Private Projects and Mentoring, and Workshops all around the world.
  • 10 Years providing Chocolate Revolution Conscious Eating / Chocolate workshops.



  • Yoga VideoLearning to Be Present” (available for subscribers for free, a gift for you)
  • Yoga Video “The Ultimate Yoga Trip” (ask for it, and it is Yours!)
  • One Heart Meditation Video (a gift for you)
  • Lovelight” a unique Limited Edition Brand yoga brand, Sacred Geometry Yoga wear for men and women
  • Chocolate Revolution Conscious Eating Project via Raw Cacao
  • Numerous articles on Consciousness and Overcoming Obstacles published on Anna's Blog and by Magazines.
  • Book on Conscious Eating “Chocolate Revolution”